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Life of a Unreal Teenager

December 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Dear Everyone,
As you become older in life and look back on your past memories, you tend to wonder one question. Which part of life was the best? Was it the younger generation of which no responsibilities and free will was in your face and all you had to worry about was what was for lunch when you awoke from a nap? Was it your older generation when you had your spouse and kids to look after and make sure not to be behind on your bills while trying to prepare dinner for five? Or was it your plain out simple times as the average teenager? Yeah, I don't believe those are the choice words, at least not for me… If you really want to try to living the life of a teenager, you need to put on a pair of converse and turn up an ipod to full blast because sometimes that's the only fun I get to have.
I wake up to my alarm clock blaring in my left ear. As I roll over to turn it off, I notice that I've over slept and have exactly fifteen minutes to get ready and be at school. I throw off the covers and run to turn on the shower on full blast. While waiting on the hot water to kick in I ran into my room rummaging to find a decent outfit to wear. I strip down jumping in the shower to rinse off and then right back out to dry off with a linger of shampoo still set in my hair. With 12 minutes to spare I get dressed and fly down stairs looking for a pair of shoes to slip on. With the thought of being late and nothing in the fridge to take for lunch I decide to just leave, not realizing I left my homework on the kitchen table. Out to my truck and right back inside to grab the keys, then dashing back out slinging my book bag into the passengers seat. Flying in reverse out of my drive way I have 8 minutes to get to school and in my seat or else an invitation to In School Suspension is mine. Whipping the wheel into my designated parking spot I pull the E brake and dart in doors realizing not a soul is around me. I hear the Mr. Fletcher counting down the seconds yelling out the number fifty two. I quickly glance over making contact with my teacher I have to decide if I have enough time to go to my locker or play it safe and just head to first period. I take the risk and surprisingly make it back before any harm is done. As I continue to go on with my day in this prison and countless disappointments made it eventually ends at three thirty with the sound of a bell to release the inmates.
Part one of my day is over and now I have to go lead my organization FCCLA in a chapter meeting, considering I am the President. We discuss information regarding our community service projects that are going on which reminds me that the March of Dimes foundation sent me an email yesterday and I need to reply back immediately. We start by repeating our creed as a group then continue on with the meeting. "Next order of business is to" leave before I'm going to be late to my session with my counselor. "Crap." Knowing I have to be a another meeting, I usually wrap up the business portion and move onto the actual community part getting the members involved in our projects. Assuring my organization is under good care I send my good byes and proceed to leave onto my next adventure where I spend it in a "large cubical" discussing my feelings and emotions for exactly an hour of my life once a week. This usually concludes part two of my day with slight delays.
Eventually I roll into the third part of my day in which the fun part comes in not to mention it pays off as well, literally. A maroon cotton over shirt with my tricked out name tag and slicked up hair due never fails to keep my spirit up. Working brutal shifts such as five in the afternoon till getting home after midnight repeatedly time after time will get annoying, but it pays the bills, right. The fact that I work Truett's Grill, a branch of Chick-fil-A; already tells you that I have to work extra hard making sure to always put fourth my best effort especially considering how bad the economy has been it a surprise many of us haven't been laid off.
Ending the night with part four of my day I'm usually barely able to stay awake. I have to manage my time wisely by trying to decide what I can get done before I have to go to sleep. This means to juggle having to take a shower and work on my hygiene, get my homework done, and catch a bit to eat for dinner. Sometimes I have an issue not being able to get all my homework done and have to stay up till three in the morning which becomes a hassle when you have to get up at six and be at school by seven to conduct an officer meeting for FCCLA.
Oh the fun of being a true teenager and having the time of your life. They call this time in your life "your happiest days" in which obviously for me isn't my exact thoughts. Though I get aggravated by all the stress I have to deal with keeping up with my schedule I know it will eventually all pay off one day, and oh I can't wait for that day to arrive. Until then, I want to make sure I keep my chin high and look out for the best in life, with one piece of advise. Try to have fun once in a while, it's true that laughter is the best medicine and believe me, I get a healthy spoonful each and every day.

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