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December 18, 2008
By Anonymous

In the 2000 genius book of world records, Paul N. Lopez was named fattest man alive. As researchers and reporters interviewed him, they found out that as a kid he say on his sofa, ate potatoes chips, and watched television. "I would do anything to go back and change my health habits and activities," Said Lopez when they asked him what on thing he would want to do over again. Today, people debate whether it is appropriate for the youth in our society to watch TV because of health, and educational issues, it is a big waste of time to watch television.

The first way that TV is a bad impact on the youth is because of the negative health it brings on the youth or anyone who watches TV. First off, when people could be doing their homework, walking their dog, or practicing sports, they are spread lazily on their sofa, watching pointless shows. Secondly, who watches a movie or television with our a big, greasy bowl of popcorn and a large diet coke? This kind of food is not good for the children of our day. Relaxing on a sofa plus eating soda and snacks equals some serious health problems!

The nonsense that fills the youth's head is the second reason television is a bad impact on us. Every young child or even adult has a role model actress or actor, and most of the time when someone has a role model, they want to be like and do everything they do. As you probably know characters on movies most likely do and say things that are unacceptable for humans, especially children. Shows also make kids believe in ridiculous things such as talking sponges and starfish living at the bottom of the ocean in a pineapple. A few years ago, a young boy swam into the deep waters of the ocean looking for SpongeBob. Getting cause in a current this young boy died by drounding. This is one of the many examples of how uneducated television is.

Although there are shows like the news or discovery channel that are informative, television is an extremely pointless waste of time because of the harm it can bring to our bodies and our brains. Maybe Lopez could have been announced worlds most athletic man if he did something wiser than lying down and watching TV. Unless people want to be miserable and wish more than anything to relive their childhood stay away from the TV!

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