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Live Your Life

January 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Heroes-they’re everywhere. They could be your dad, a fireman, a police man, and even your own dog.
My best friend’s mom is my hero, her name is Mrs. Stubbs. She didn’t save me or anything, no, it’s what she did. She survived cancer.

A couple years ago, she found out she had cancer. My friend and her family were stunned about the news. Every week she had to drive out to the hospital for checkups and tests. She didn’t like having cancer, no one would. She wanted things to be normal again. Normal life, normal sleep, and normal hair.
Year’s passed and her cancer was still there. This time it was bad. She needed to have surgery. The Stubbs family sat nervously at the baseball game, while there mom was in surgery at the hospital across the busy street. They had nothing to help her but there love and support.

There she lied in the white hospital bed, just laying there. Doing nothing but that. She could feel herself dying. The clock ticked away. Tick tock tick tock. She closed her eyes, took one last clean breath of air then stopped. She slowly opened her eyes, struggling to sit up, she thought. “I only have one life, why should I let white blood cells kill me? I want to live my life!” She put her feet on the cold hard ground and carefully stood up. “I won’t have cancer anymore!” She thought to herself as slowly walked to the door. A nurse stood there watching in amazement.
“Get back in bed, you’re going to get hurt!” the nurse quietly yelled.
“No, I don’t have cancer anymore, it’s gone.”
“How?” The nurse asked.
“I said it was gone.”
“Ummmm, we should get you to the testing labs just in case.” The nurse pulled up a wheel chair and told her to sit down. The nurse pushed her through the long hallways to the testing labs. She stopped by a phone and called a doctor to help with the testing.
When the doctor came in they took Mrs. Stubbs up on the one of the X ray machines. The Doctor pushed the machine on and the gears move somewhat quietly to start X raying Mrs. Stubbs.
When the X rays were done, The doctor got the results to see if the cancer is gone.
The doctor opened the sheet and examined the piece. It was gone. No more cancer. It just suddenly disappeared.
“Well, Mrs. Stubbs, it seems like your cancer has disappeared. I don’t know how this could have happened but it did.” The doctor told Mrs. Stubbs with a smile on his face.
“Amazing.” the Nurse whispered to herself.

As you can see, Mrs. Stubbs is my hero. She has fought cancer. Just by telling it to go away. I think that experience is truly amazing. I love to tell this story to people who will listen. Mrs. Stubbs was brave, and brave people are heroes.

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