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Television Ruins Your Health

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Ever since the start of television in the domestic home, people have been reluctant to limit the amount of time spent watching. It has been known it is a fruitless activity that does nothing but inundate the mind with corrupting ideas. Air time is a comprehensive display of fast food commercials, violence, and unrealistic characters that young people try to replicate in their own lives. It is unhealthy for the body and the mind leaving nothing but harmful side affects.

Television promotes unhealthy eating habits of both extremes as well as takes away time to do other, involved activities. There is one group of people who sit at home for hours doing nothing but watching inappropriate shows that encourage violence interspersed with fatty food commercials. This not only leads to a phlegmatic mind, but also little, if not no exercise. It seems as if the only way to make people more active is to coerce them to exercise. While watching the show they see multiple hamburger advertisements flash by, but how many salads are being promoted for dinner? These zealous commercials are swaying eating habits in the wrong direction.
The other group is watching America’s Next Top Model. Tyra Banks shows sanguine expectations for the models that are thinner than most young girls can expect to ever become. The garbled children have no basis of how to achieve this desired look, after the habitual hours spent sitting on the couch. So they resort to horrifying measures of anorexia and bulimia. There are countless statistics that corroborate this fact yet there are no poignant displays to stop this trend.

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