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Feedback on “My School Uniform”

November 19, 2019
By almaclin BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
almaclin BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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     "My School Uniform," written by Anonymous from South Carolina, is an empowering piece of writing in Teen Ink's Fall 2019 issue. It speaks out about the author's thoughts on strict school regulations that impact clothes developing young girls can wear to school. In this article, the author feels passionately against the uniform dress codes and lists many reasons why. To begin her stance, she informs the readers about her school, "a private, all girls school” where “uniforms are by far the most important thing.” She goes on to describe the specific requirements on uniforms on each day of the school week. At the end, the author then states, “I am tired of fighting,” against the teachers caring about what they wear other than their education. She depicts her strong opposition very well against these uniform restrictions and encourages readers to support her stance.

     The reason why this piece of writing is powerful is because it is able to connect with readers, females more than males. I, a 13-year old 8th-grader, am also irritated about my school’s dress code. Although it is not as strict as the all girls school in the article, many girls aren’t even allowed to show their shoulders without getting lectured. “Shoulders are distracting to the male staff and student body,” many say; however, what young women wear should not be the reason males are not focusing on their work. In the article, the author closes the last paragraph with a short, but influential sentence, “I need them to get with the times.” The author also mentions great points when she says, “I don’t want the little girls going to my school to be shamed the same way that my peers and I are.” The way the author phrases her sentences draw on the reader’s emotions. Ultimately, “My School Uniform,” is a great piece that young women should read.

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