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Name essay

October 7, 2022
By Anonymous

My name is Tyler. The name Tyler comes from an old French word meaning tile maker or owner of a tavern. My mom was the one that decided my name. I like how she chose a unique name because I didnt want a boring name that everyone has. Some other names that she wanted to name me are Jackson or mason. She started thinking about what she should name me when she found out that I was going to be a boy but I am sure that it was in the back of her head the whole time.

I like my name because it is unique and not many people that I know have it. In a list of the most popular names Tyler barely made it on the list of top 1000 names. joy, warmth, enthusiasm, and creativity are all things that my name represents. For example, I like to go on sunny walks with my dog an absorb the sun during the summer and laying on a warm beach on vacation. Also when I am excited About something I can be very enthusiastic and full of joy. These are all descriptive words that I feel suits me.


People call me Ty or Ty Ty or T-rob. People have been calling me nicknames for pretty much as long as I can remember but it mainly started when my middle school gym teacher started calling me Trob and then everyone started to call me that. I like this because not everyone has a nickname and makes me more unique. 

In conclusion, The name Tyler is unique and suits me very well and maybe for other generations to come.

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