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By Anonymous

     I really like Teen Ink and every issue has several good articles, but one called “Adopt Me” swept me away. I enjoyed it especially because it was about a girl who grew up without her father. When she was young, her dad left her and her mom, and though she tried to spend time with him, he just pushed her away. The good thing about her life was that her mom married another man who wanted to be a real dad to her. So, all of her dreams finally came true. She finally has a dad whom she loves.

My dad did the same thing to my family, though he never hit my mom. As I got older, I too tried to get to know my dad, but he would just push me away. Then when I was about eight, my mom married my new dad. Since that day, I have been the happiest person in the world. That’s why I found this article so wonderful.

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