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By Anonymous

     In your January issue, I was somewhat confused by the article by Amanda C. It sounds like she is just whining about what is wrong with the world. If she wants to convince anyone, she is going to have to sound more upbeat about all the good changes we can make. Sure, older people probably do have more respect for freedom and peace, but times are changing! We need to be flexible. Instead of blaming everyone else for what they are doing wrong, why did she not share what she does right? She spoke of child sponsorship; does she ignore those commercials or does she sponsor a child? I work hard every month to feed the child I sponsor in Peru.

Also, many don’t envy the rich. My friends and I agree we would rather have just enough money to get by. If she assumed everyone except her was close-minded, she is close-minded herself. I’m rooting for her all the way, but I am curious to hear what she does to make an impact.

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