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By Anonymous

Teen Ink has many great features, all of which I love and enjoy reading. However, I believe there should be more poetry. Poetry makes everything come alive. Seeing, hearing, and reading poetry brings joy to my heart.

Poetry calms me when I am upset or hyper. I will sit in my room and think. My written thoughts form my poetry. Sometimes it is great, other times horrendous.

I believe that everyone needs poetry. It soothes their soul and calms them when they are angry. I once heard a wise person say that you should never go to bed angry. When I am angry with someone, I read poetry before I go to bed. It just helps calm me.

It would be great if you put more poetry in the next issue of Teen Ink. It would make it so much better.

Editor’s Note: Check out our Poetry Journals, which come out a few times a year. Also, our last issue this year will feature loads of poems and fiction pieces. And don’t forget that you can find lots of the poems we’ve published over the past 19 years on TeenInk.com.

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