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What Happened?

November 15, 2007
By Anonymous

Upon Reading the article "What Happened?" in the November issue, I remembered something that happened not too long ago, my Dad asked me a question that had continued to haunt me for a while now. He was talking to me on the drive to church, and was giving me a run-down of what went on at last week's service, for I missed it, because I was at my friend's birthday party. He wandered off of the subject slightly and asked me a variety of questions about the books of the Bible where letters are written to various countries I.E. Galations, Ephesians, Philippians, and so on, and brought up the question: "What if there were to be a letter written to America about the horrible things we are doing and how we should change?"

To that, I simply answered by saying that we'd need to create an entirely new testament to the existing Bible devoted solely to that purpose. All that we (Americans) care about now is 1) Our obsession with drugs, 2) The craving for sex, 3) America's need for power, and 4) Money, money, MONEY!

Years ago, when the very first people immigrated to America, they were in awe by Lady Liberty, and the few that made it on land were mesmerized by our beautiful landscapes, and loving people, but if they could look at our so-called "glorious" seashores now...

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