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Pride and Prejudice Section

September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

Your magazine touches on the subjects teen deal with every day, like college applications and such as well as health and prejudice. But the way you address these subjects makes it easier to relate to

My favorite sections are the poetry and pride and prejudice section. I’m a poet and I fight prejudice every day. So I relate to that type of thing. One article I related to was the distant photograph in the September issue 2007. I could relate to that need to be and accept that I am ok just as me. I’m 100% Puerto Rican but with light skin and I don’t speak Spanish so I get labeled as something else.
I’m not a skin color. I’m not just a girl with light brown skin, brown hair and brown eyes. I’m Carisa. A girl who loves music, writing, life, love, and everything that spices up my life. I relate to that and I like how you put a real story about prejudice in your magazine I can relate to so much.

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