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Focus on Driving

January 8, 2008
By Anonymous

I thought the section in Teen Ink that focused on driving was great topic to talk about. A lot of teenagers are experiencing driving for the first time. Many of the stories talk about how teenager’s parents tell them to be careful driving with their parent’s cars. Other stories deal with the face many teenagers are getting behind a wheel while intoxicated, ending up killing one of their friends. That’s probably how many teenagers are killed today.

I just don’t understand why teens drink at an age there not supposed to and then get behind a wheel and end up killing themselves, a friend, or an innocent person on the road.

Many teens today are not focused on the road there more concerned with their cell phones and who’s texting them or calling them. I personally have not gotten my license yet because I’m not ready or just the fact my parents aren’t really either.

Teen Ink I think is a great magazine for teens because it deals with real topics teens face today. It definitely makes an impact on me when I read there articles every month.

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