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I Told You So

March 10, 2008
By Anonymous

“I Told You So,” written by Catherine, is about a girl who has a hard time respecting her parents because of their smoking habits. This article caught my eye because it talks about some emotions that I feel as well. I can relate to this article because sometimes my friends, or other people I know, do things that makes it hard for me to respect them.
It is so easy to loose respect for someone when they do something that you do not like. But, I feel it is sometimes not fair to judge someone because you do not like what they do. What that person does should not affect your opinion about them. Occasionally, it is only natural for one to feel hurt by what a close friend or someone they know does. The person is not intentionally hurting your feelings, but they are.
Having respect for someone can be easy, but at times, it can be hard if that person does things that you do not like. Catherine displays her feelings through a story, which sets examples for other teens. She shows that other teenagers can express themselves through writing, and it is okay. Catherine shows her hurt emotions and uses her writing to communicate with other teens.

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