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Home Alone

October 22, 2008
By Kayisha Diggins BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Kayisha Diggins BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Ashlyn Z.'s article "Home Alone" extremely moving because it related to me last summer when I spent a week by myself in my home. I agree with Ashlyn because I too got terrifying and frightening calls. It is a terrible situation to be in at night by yourself. I also agree with Ashlyn's friend on calling the police if you even feel the slightest sense of danger. The police can't get upset on a false alarm. It is there job and duty to protect and serve. A word of advice for people who feel this way, if your ever alone and feel scared call a friend over to stay the night so they can keep you company. Pluse save time fot the police, so they can battle real crimes in the world. But I thank you Ashlyn for your article "Home Alone."

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