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Feedback to Idiotic Questions

March 3, 2016
By Cgreen BRONZE, Hockessin, Delaware
Cgreen BRONZE, Hockessin, Delaware
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The article "Idiotic Questions" (published in the February Issue) is a very well written piece about even the most innocent cross-racial tension. Such tension causes...well... idiotic questions asked, that make the recipient extremely uneasy. However, I fell that this article only really emphasises one side of this issue. Some people are criticised for being "racially ignorant", but how are those people supposed to shake off their ignorance without asking some akward questions that push the limit of social acceptability? On a totally different note, I agree with you that if the question has to be preluded by "Please don’t take offense or anything, but …" then the question really shouldn't be asked. I mean does it really matter why they're fast? To an outside race, of course most of one other race is going to look exteremely similar. In conclusion, the piece was extremely relevant, even if a bit shaky on supporting all sides of the conflict

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