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Our New President

March 3, 2009
By donny shaw BRONZE, Brewerton, New York
donny shaw BRONZE, Brewerton, New York
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November 4th, 2008. Our country was changed forever. Ironically, 140 years ago, our boys where fighting eachother because one was from the union, and the other from the confederacy. They were filling eachother with hot lead because the differences, the tension and the hatred between the two sides. One side believed in enslaving african-americans and the other stood behind Mr. Lincoln and said it was wrong. Now, 140 years later, the United States has elected a african-american man as president. Im proud to be an American during this time. Yeah the economy is in the dumps these days, but watching President Obama speak to the country the way he does; with passion and courage, i feel great! I enjoy wearing my Barack Obama shirt around school in a 98% white dominated school. Im glad to have been raised by my phenominal parents and learn that prejudice and racial discremination is wrong. Im proud to live in a country where everyone has the same oppurtunitys to learn and work. The United States has overcome a huge obstacle in the last 140 years. From the Cival War, to the Civil Rights Movement and now in the White House. I know for fact Abe Lincoln and Dr. King are smiling up in heaven right now.

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