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The Beast Within MAG

By Anonymous

   Black is black and white is white. You're of a different color and therefore, I must be better than you. I'm a straight A student and he only gets B's on his better days. What a moron! I come from a rich family and that automatically means I can boss you around.

Prejudice has swallowed my visions of high school. It carried its knife and fork while running after me saying, "You are my favorite food." Running from the beast, I have gotten caught up in the webs of other people's ignorance around me.

Escaping this horrid creature was a surprisingly easy task. I was born with the ability to elude this blob of injustice. I have felt his warm, shallow hands grasp my arm. I kept thinking that it was all over and that there was no hope. The one thing that pulled me out of this perilous peril was my pride. I couldn't let myself sink down to their level.

What level is that, one may ask? The level that is below zero. This level has journeyed to the center of the earth and lived. Even the devil sits on a higher pedestal! The beast is the most hideous thing that our earth has ever produced.

For every one person I know who has a hint of the understanding that everyone is created equal, I am able to find at least five who disagree. These people have ruined it for everyone else. If we were ever visited by more intelligent life, they would think we were idiots! However, as far as I can see, there is not much hope of there being any intelligent life close to earth.

There is only one race, the human race. If everyone would take that frame of mind, the world itself would not be in such perilous peril. Right at this moment, the planet that we are living on is in danger of being eaten by the beast. Which would you rather be ... breakfast, lunch or dinner? c

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