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Criticize me

January 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Everyday people criticize me,
They tell me I’m not good enough
They look down upon me
They say I can’t accomplish anything
But I just smile and move on
For if I stop and seek vengeance
It would only be short lived
So I move on towards my goal
Down the long road we call life
After I finally leave
And I have reached my goals,
I will return
Visit all who didn’t believe
The ones who said I’m not good enough
The ones who looked down upon me
The ones who said I wouldn’t accomplish anything
And I will just smile and shake there hands
And whisper in there ear thank you
Every time they criticize me
It gives me another purpose to move on
Reason to conquer the impossible
For there is no sweeter vengeance than to prove them wrong
Let them say what they want
Tell me I’m not good enough
Tell me I can’t accomplish anything
For you’re ignorance is fuel to my fire
Soon you will see me come though those doors
And you will think WOW; I guess he was good enough

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