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If I could tell the World.

February 16, 2008
By Anonymous

No arms no legs
Just a body and head
He whispered to me "I'm good as dead"
He claimed the devil paid a visit at his birth
And now he asks "What am I worth?"
A Nickel? A dime?
A second of your precious time?
Please show me you've got a heart
Don't point
Don't jeer
How do you know you won't end up here?
I don't have a family. I don't have a car.
Not like the rest of them, I don't play the guitar.
So I can invest in trouble, starting with a cigar.
I won't jump the subway, to be a star.
All I want is supper, I dream of meat.
Nothing fancy, my table is pavement, street.
Broadways not far,
You can afford tickets, I'm not a show.
Pressin' your breaks, makin' your racecars real slow.
What Am I?
The gum on your shoe?
I'm not the appetizer of your entertainment.
Please just mail me an arraignment.
I'll give you my address
Wait I can't write.
But I won't cause you any stress.
"96 Anystreet you're scared of"
I say this with what I've got
Absolutely no love.

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