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March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

In class one day, there was a discussion going on. Would you hire a person who had Multiple Sclerosis. Little did they know I had did a research project on this very topic a week before.
The kids in that class all said the same thing.No.Some of them didn't even know what the disease was. That's discrimination. Just so you know discrimination is evil.
I am half white and half black. Why is it that I fit in with the black kids more than the white? Is it because my black appearance is more noticeable than the white? Because my hair isn't as silky?
I am a victim of stereotypical situations. I've been called everything from a zebra to an oreo cookie. Anything they can call me to mix black and white. Is it because they're jealous? Maybe not. Maybe so.
Hello my name is Unique. I may not be a full color. But what's the point of drinking soda if you don't get creative and mix up the flavors. I'm just like all of you. You should look at me that way.
As a young child nobody even noticed. I didn't even notice. Why be hateful now? I love myself. I love my brightly colored skin just as well as I like brown and white.
If everybody on earth was just one color, this would be a very boring world.
I hate being around some of my friends and they continuously make comments about the white kids. They don't think I get offended but I do. Just because I may not look white, my mom is. I couldn't live with myself if I just let the hurtful things they say pass by.
I am mixed and I love being mix. Just as well as you may love being white or you may love being black. Love yourself for what God has made you.

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