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random journal:)

September 16, 2011
By AmmmyMarie GOLD, Silverton, Oregon
AmmmyMarie GOLD, Silverton, Oregon
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sometimes when im lost in thought, i dream i can fly. conquor the world; do anything and everything. Lay way up in the clouds, take a ride on eagles wings. Grab the world in my hands, pick it up. feel it. Be one with the universe. take risks and not be afraid to dissapoint. Wonder woman, super man; their legends. But this is now and its me. Sing at the top of my lungs to a tune only i know. mark my place in this world, just like armstrong's footprint on the moon. Know where I stand and what I stand for. Its my life, my dreams, no one has a say in where I go. Its all up to me and that blows my mind; jumbles it up into a million jigzza puzzle peices. Connecting together peice by peice into a beautiful peice of art; just like my future.

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