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Just to Clarify

October 23, 2011
By MichelleAmanda DIAMOND, Miamisburg, Ohio
MichelleAmanda DIAMOND, Miamisburg, Ohio
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The world is just vinalla ice cream without the sprinkles that are creative people.

To whom it may concern,
No he’s not an alcoholic. No his family does not own a casino. No his father does not abuse his family. No he does not hate all white people, just the ones who assume he’s an alcoholic casino owner with an abuse father.
He has never nor will ever cut someone’s scalp off. He has never nor will ever live in a tepee. He has never nor will ever wear an animal skin. He has never nor will ever be a savage.
I will however like to tell you about some things that he is. He is an honors student. He is an extremely polite young man. He is a very respectful person. He is really charming.
I will also tell you some things that he has done. He has made it through years of being stereotyped. He has overcome people judging him for years. He has become a terrific human being that would never put anyone through the prejudice crap that he’s had to live with.
And I’m going to guess that even though I haven’t told you what race he is, that you think you know what persuasion he is from. Not that, that’s your fault, but the fault of years upon years of his ethnicity being talked about by people who know nothing about the majority of his people. Instead people look at the worst and deicide that’s what that’s what everyone is like.
So now I beg you not to judge a whole group from the actions of just one, because that leads to nothing but ignorance which is a true crime.

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