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Just another Jesus freak?

October 23, 2011
By MichelleAmanda DIAMOND, Miamisburg, Ohio
MichelleAmanda DIAMOND, Miamisburg, Ohio
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The world is just vinalla ice cream without the sprinkles that are creative people.

For the love of God, I do not carry around my bible so I can through it at you when I see you sinning. I am not going to go up to gay people and tell them they are going to go to Hell. I listen to more than just gospel music. I did go out trick or treating when I was younger. I do not hate you just because you believe differently than me. I do not think I am better than you or anyone else. I want to point out that it is not me judging you because I am religious, but you judging me because I’m religious. And before you walk away angrily because I just told you you’re wrong about me, I want to say one more thing. God bless you!

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