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That Stupid Retard

October 24, 2011
By MichelleAmanda DIAMOND, Miamisburg, Ohio
MichelleAmanda DIAMOND, Miamisburg, Ohio
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The world is just vinalla ice cream without the sprinkles that are creative people.

He’s no idiot, he may not be the smartest person to ever walk through the bland hallways of our school, but he is no idiot. You, you who mock him and taunt him, you are the idiot. I almost feel sorry for you, because the only way you can seem to be able to obtain happiness is by torment those that you don’t see as a threat. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were jealous of him. Jealous because he is able to find happiness in the average, mundane day, where you are not able to. You, so angry for no reason, torment him because you aren’t as happy as he is.
You laugh at him as he walks around our lunch room, playing with a bendy straw. It is easy to see how happy he is just to bend and strained the blue plastic vessel. It is even more obvious how happy you are made by making fun of how happy he is, overlooking the fact that your life would be a lot better if you could only get enjoyment from simple things as he does. Of course you do not realize that, you’re too big of an idiot to realize that.
For the entirety of this school year I have watched you, mocking him. it has never stopped disgusting me, as well as many others. Perhaps this is the reason why, when you took his straw away no one offered to help you. No one offered to help you not be beaten almost senseless by the boy that you saw a being a weak and weak minded person. Instead we all watched, students and teachers as he, in a blind rage from the crime committed against him, beat the living heck out of you.
I usually do not condone violence, but you had it coming to you. That boy never did anything to you. That boy is the sweetest, biggest teddy bear of a person who has ever lived. Yet you choice to hurt him. you choice to hurt him in the hopes that he would cry and for that I will condone that boy creaming you. He can’t defend himself in words by asking for the straw back, so he defends himself the only way he can, which I think is what he should do.
It was quite the fight indeed as he went on exacting his revenge against you. I truly hope that you thanked God that the boy just lost interest in beating you and just walked away. I also hope, as you sit looking at your battle wounds, that you will never be so stupid to underestimate someone again. Because now he has a new straw, no longer wanting the one your touch soiled, and you have new scares to remind you of what an idiot you are.

The author's comments:
Every day for two years worth of school lunchs, this boy made fun of the sweetest Special Education kid. Then one day he went to far and deciede to rob the other boy of his most prised possestion and the Special Ed kid finally got revenge.

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