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See Her

May 5, 2008
By Anonymous

Why can’t people see her for who she is inside? Why do people judge by how she looks outside? She walks down the hall for the very first time; people turn and stare at the girl who looks much different then themselves. The girl pretends not to notice even though she feels like crying.
She’s not exactly thin and not exactly pretty. She keeps her head up, high throws on a fake smile and walks the rest of the way with stride. 1,2,3 the periods past so slowly with a lot of judgmental stares.
Next period lunch the worst of them all. No one makes room for the new girl. By herself she sits eating nothing much at all. She lets out a sigh as the final bell rings. Her first day as the new girl how much more would she have to take. That girl was me in a judgmental school.
After weeks of waiting, no more was I the new girl. Instead a girl named Alison came to claim the spot. But she fit in right away perfectly you could say. Why, oh why couldn’t that have been me. Who’d been there for weeks, but no one gave a second glance I was still the freaky new girl even with Alison, the real new girl, there. Eventually, I fit when some students realized I was still eating by myself at lunch. They became my best friends through a simple act of kindness.

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