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Same Sex Marriages

January 9, 2013
By Emilya0716 BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
Emilya0716 BRONZE, Columbus, New Jersey
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What’s wrong with loving somebody? Does it matter what gender you are? Same sex marriages are illegal. But why? This doesn’t really make any sense to me. Some of the reasons why I think this are because when two people love each other is it really necessary to keep them apart? Another reason is there’s no good reason for same sex marriage not to happen. Another one of my reasons is that the adoption rates would go up because it would be easier for gay couples to adopt a child. Lastly; gays deserve the same rights as all other American citizen and that is the pursuit of happiness.

If two adults really love each other they should get married. But if two people happen to be the same sex it is illegal. I don’t think it is fair for that to happen. When two adults love each other the most logical thing to do is get married and have a family. To me having same sex marriages iillegalis just keeping two people that love each other, want to get married, and have a family apart. That’s why it should be legal.

Another reason why same sex marriage should not be illegal is because there is really not a good reason for it to be illegal. It doesn’t hurt people or the society. It will only make a lot of people happy. Even though some people think it is wrong it doesn’t hurt them physically and they will learn to get used to it. It really is not that much of a big deal. It is just letting two people love each other. That is another reason why I think that same sex marriage should be legal.

If gay marriages were legal, that would make it much easier for gay couples to adopt children. Since it would be easier to adopt, adoption rates would go up and less kids would be in orphanages or foster homes. Also, it doesn’t affect children the way some might think. Pediatrics say children with lesbian parents have been found to have a higher social and academic level and children with gay parents are able to adjust just as any other child.

Lastly, I think that same sex marriage should be legal because in the Declaration of Independence it states that every American deserves to have the pursuit of happiness. If you cannot get married to who you love that might be keeping you from your pursuit of happiness. The Declaration of Independence clearly says that every American deserves that. Same sex marriage should defiantly be legal because it goes against the pursuit of happiness.

To conclude; marriages should be about love and if two homosexuals happen to fall in love and want to get married then they should have the right too. Same Sex Marriages do not hurt the society and it also encourages people to have strong family. It does not hurt the society in any way. They should have the same right that any other American has the pursuit of happiness. Gay couples should be able to legally marry.

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