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Family teeth

January 13, 2009
By Anonymous

From smile to smile, we always show our teeth. You can call us gifted, since we never had to suffer with the name calling like brace face or metal mouth. My brothers and I were always taught to brush our teeth day and night, even sometimes in the afternoon. As we got older, we realized that our teeth sparkle with glistening shine, and are straight sticks. On the other hand, my dad suffered with braces three times, and the pain of getting a second row of teeth removes. With the luck of the draw, we all three were gifted with my moms bleached white teeth. As people look at our mouths when we talk, we always get a positive comment about our teeth. From smile to smile, our teeth are the sparkle on ocean during a sunny day. From smile to smile, we lucked out with the teeth of my mother.

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