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where 2 corners meet

January 17, 2009
By Anonymous

when does one find true happiness?

where one can finally rest..

is it on earth? or all after death?

when do we rest our heads..closing our eyes

knowing that everything is grand an all is fine?

why does the s----y weather come when we all have plans

was someones prayer more important?

will someone please help this man

why do we all pass the homeless, an never lend change

will it kill your ego?...maybe cause you some pain

why do we all ignore problems as if they werent there

but worry more about appereance.. like clothing and hair

why do we fear change an new life?

but bring more attention to death an the cut of a knife?

why do we try so hard..to please a small crowd?

when they know nothing..of what were about

why do we stay shy..but when alone we shout

why do we fill our hearts with greed

but get mad when war begins?

why is it much more fun to sin?

why do we worry so much about time

when in the end it will always be there?

look to the sky..is ur answer there or around

why do we run..but yet keep our feet on the ground?

lights go out..silence all voices

listen to yourself..what are your choices

are you going to skip ahead..or play by the rules

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