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India's Farmers Protest

March 17, 2021
By gigi_mex BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
gigi_mex BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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India is a country known for their various spices, they practically invented spicy! But what happens when you force Punjab's farmers to sell their crops at a low rate to coorperations who'll end up putting vegetables in plastic packaging? Let me tell you something the world needs to hear...


Modi, the Prime Minister of India, has made life hard for all Punjabi people. When you mess with the Farmers, this is a direct insult to the whole community. Sikhism has faced discrimination ever since the religion was founded. Congress had passed a bill addressing that the farmers are to sell their crops to large companies, in return they get a little amount of money, which isn't enough to feed their hungry families.

There have been many people who tried to call this out, like Rihanna, instead Modi's side acted like she was supporting them. That's not the case. Rihanna really does support the farmers. Recently, Lilly Singh, a well known comedian, actress and Youtuber, wore a mask to the Grammys' saying "Support the Farmers". In India, anyone who tries to stand up against the government will find themselves dead in the next nanosecond. Many people even say to not support the farmers, but they aren't fully aware of what the consequences for the farmers are. This isn't just a political problem, it's a racial problem as well.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this article, to spread awareness about what's going on in India, and what the consequences are. Both sides of my family (Paternal and Maternal) own land in Punjab, and we've supported this cause by going to rallies and protests. You can help by donating money to Khalsa Aid at

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