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Fake or Reality

January 13, 2009
By Lane Grigg GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
Lane Grigg GOLD, Hartland, Wisconsin
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This advertisement for Dior shows a blonde, half- naked woman biting her finger nail, wearing an
expensive diamond watch. The ad indicates to young women and men in their 20's, that if they buy
this Dior watch, they can look and feel as sexy as this woman does. Sexuality is what grabs the
attention of the readers. It is hard to look away from a good looking blonde woman seductively
opening her mouth with her fingers in it, wearing nothing but a blouse that is opened with a black
Dior bra underneath. To the right of her is a shirtless young guy, staring
directly at her. Who wouldn't want a hot shallow male fantasizing about you as
you're wearing an expensive watch? On the top left corner, Sharon Stone is quoted: "Always make
time for an adventure." This quote simplifies that this sexy half naked woman, and that hot
shirtless guy, have made, "Dior time,"Dior is suggesting that this is sex: ie an
adventure. Considering how famous Sharon Stone is, the young readers of Vogue, take Sharon's quote
and apply it to the adventure they could have if they buy this expensive diamond watch. The woman
is young, rich and beautiful, a lifestyle that glorifies the youth. A diamond watch is an obvious
sign of money. The look she creates shows her careless attitude that she can do what she wants with
her beauty and money and of course, diamond watch. The main value that is shown to persuade the
readers is beauty. Who wouldn't want to look and feel as sexy as this woman does?
It's easy to persuade people with the lie of beauty. The hidden message behind Dior's ad is
sex! It get's people's attention, but it's unhealthy for young viewers, that
will make immature decisions like purchasing a watch that promised the adventure of sex. It might also
effect those that have low esteem, feeling they are not worthy of a diamond watch worn by a
beautiful girl. Throughout the viewers of this ad, more then 50% will believe this cliche, that if
you purchase a Dior watch, you can and will look and feel as sexy as this woman does. People have to
realize you have to first off have money, second be good looking, and third be seductive and
carefree. It's unrealistic to tell the readers, that buying this watch you could have the
adventure of sex. Not only is it unrealistic but it's insulting in the way that you have to be
sexy and have money to purchase a Dior watch. The reality of this is ad is fake catches the
attention, but the truth is what people want to see.

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