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Friendship...and the Other Kind

October 28, 2009
By twilighter_360 GOLD, NYOB, New Jersey
twilighter_360 GOLD, NYOB, New Jersey
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"A bird dosen't sing because it has an answer.A bird sings because it has a song." -- Maya Angelou

"Give peace a chance." --John Lennon

“ Some friends come into your life for a reason…others only for a season.”

Think about what that means for a minute. There is friendship: the friend that will do anything for you, the friend that supports you even when you’re wrong, the friend that knows you better than yourself, the friend that keeps your secrets, the friend that laughs with you and cries with you, the friend that will be your friend forever and always. That friend comes into your life for a reason.
And the other kind…the friend that is not going to be your friend forever, that comes into your life only for a season. At first you may think they are the friend that comes into your life for a reason…and then you realize they’re not.
Friendship…and the other kind. it’s a never-ending cycle, a fact of life, a part of growing up. Friendship…and the other kind.

The author's comments:
It happens to me, it happens to you, it happens to everyone. But even so, frienship is a beautiful thing.

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