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November 6, 2009
By Kaity.. SILVER, Elliston, Virginia
Kaity.. SILVER, Elliston, Virginia
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Did you know that over a million teens in the united states have no support system?.I think thats wrong! us as children should have at least one person to love and support us.The thing is adults know better then anyone because they have already been though half their lives they know that when they were young all they wanted was someone to appriciate, and to love them,but the fact is that most of them did'nt.Don't believe for one miniute that your family does'nt care because they do,sometimes they just dont know how to show it the right way.I feel sorry for some of the kids I befriend because they tell me "gosh I wish my mom was as nice as yours"or sometimes enen "man my dad does'nt care about me as much as your stepdad cares about you"...YES THEY DO they just dont know how to show it

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I just know alot of people needed to hear (read) it. I choose the pic of a single rain drop hitting the water because sometimes thats how it feels.

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