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Life Just Isn't Life

September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

Life Jst Isn't Life isn't about how many people call you it shouldn't be about the money it shouldn't be all about marterials but i'll tell you what it should be about! Life should be about whats in your heart cause if you give somone a chance they might suprise you. Never judge a book by its cover! You can learn to love someone by talking, you can learn to care by listening. Love is one thing this world is sort on, if people learn to love and anot to hate if peolpe just learned to talk and not debate, than our world would be as ONE. Differences should bring us together, it sohuld be what people love about one another not what puts them apart. Life could be aobut our hearts if we all comprimised. Life is a beautiful thing that shouldn't be wasted on always tryingto get our way. The sun, the rain, or even snow its all life. We can choose to take it or deni it, but no matter what always remember someone out there loves you for who you truly are inside. AND THATS WHAT MATTERS!! They may be 3,000 miles away or 3 miles away. But i your meant to be together than you'll be together. They'll see you for everything you are, and not for who your not! They'll love you and they always will. So think about what was really said here today and think twice about our world and what life really means ITS ALL ABOUT WHATS ON THE INSIDE!1 AND THATS WHAT TRULY MATTERS.!!! ;) Hailey lynn Fox

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