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Falling Forrest's

October 3, 2007
By Anonymous

Falling Forrest’s

I am a one hundred year old Walnut tree. I have just been taken from my home by the government to be replaced by a new series of Ivory homes so a new city can start to form. I have no where to stay nor do I have no place to call my own. I along with all of my friends and family are stacked among each other waiting to be hauled off to various companies in crates that I used to be able to call my neighbor. I will be assembled into cabinetry and floors to such a families liking. I will then be polished with a semitransparent stain to cover my original finish nature has given me. I will be sent all over the world to be used as nothing more then a shoe rack or coat hanger for young children to set there dirty shoes and wet coats on after a day at school and play. The home I have been taken from always had many various visitors such as families camping, birds chirping, and chipmunks running all through my limbs. I gave a purpose to be were I was. I gave the fresh sent of a pine aroma for miles of which some adored. I no longer live a member of society, I am the life of a dead tree behind the walls in your home, holding up my own brother’s leg to give you shelter. I live as a prisoner for the selfish one who needed a million dollar home. I live as your prisoner.

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