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It Matters.

November 19, 2007
By Anonymous

It Matters.

No matter what your family does to you, you’re always a family and nothing can change that.
My whole family split up, no one talks to each other at all anymore, I guess they thought it would be better to just runaway from their problems instead of try to fix them. Usually, though, that makes you have more problems then you already had, because when you leave your problems behind there not going anywhere when you get back there still going to be there, and when you leave

My brother was born with problems; born without a father then grew up with out a mother. He grew up in the wrong crowed, my father did that to him. He always did drugs everyday, before school, after school, all the time; year after year it was the same thing. Eventually the drugs took over his life. He dropped out of school and left our home, trying to get away from his problems and find out where his life had gone. He set out to find his birth mother, witch wouldn’t solve any problems at all, just ended him up in jail.

Even though he left us we were there for him, we went and saw him everyday at visitation, we eventually bailed him out. He came to live with us. He was doing well for a while, but then he ended up in jail again. He then realized family matters and that you don’t need your real birth parents to be a family. It’s the people who were always there for you no matter what, threw thick and threw thin.

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