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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

I don’t think I have ever met a more confusing boy in my life!!! Hi is like the weirdest hick in have ever met. His name is going to say anonymous to you because I really don’t what to tell you. About a year ago I met him at a meridian football game and we really got to know each other but their was like one HUGE problem and that was ha was a year ahead of me and he went to high school and I was a really bum middle scholar. How could we be friends if he went to a school higher then me? So after the game we gave our number so then maybe we could like talk on the phone. YA like that ever happened out of the who year I called him once and that was when my volleyball friends just like was going through my cell phone and they were going to call another guy that had the same name as him and called him on accident. The thing I didn’t like was that they gave me the phone and what was I to say…. So I just hung up on him. On the first football game I saw him and WOW he really didn’t change at all.
So we like kinda got to know each other again and we hung out with a lot of kid that he knew and I knew. So we hung out with them like the whole time… after the game there was a dance and of course we hung out like the whole time and the dance too. But I kind of felt like really weird that I was the only freshmen out of like 7 people but whatever I was the best dance ever.. 45 min into the dance actually people started to dance and I was just having a fun time just hanging out with the guy and girl I haven’t seen in a long time. Then the slow song came and my friend were like hey dance with him I like no NO I don’t think he what’s to but I guess so because he came up and stated dancing with me I though oh this is so sweet. so after the dance I was getting really tired and just what’d to go home but I couldn’t he wanted to talk to me about that night…. All my friends left and then we were alone and now he tells me that he has a girlfriend<> I made me a little mad because I was thinking that all he wanted was a dance partner. He was like just using me and that is how I turned out. When he told me that he had a girlfriend. He said that he was about to break up with he for me but NO. At school that next Monday I asked him if he had broke up with his girlfriend yet but NO. and this drug on to weeks and weeks and after awhile I was loss him, my friend that I use to hung out with because she liked a guy that was his best friend.
The next dance came up and you wouldn’t believe what he did… he danced with my best friend that told me she had no feeling for him the thing that mad It worse was that I got hurt the day of the dance so I was on really hard medication so it was hard to dance and have fun when I was on that medication so I just had to watch them have fun……… so I can tell you what to do if this happens to you.. Talk to your best friend and don’t tell someone that will tell someone else so yes this could happen to any of you guy but just remember that all guy are jerks when I come to a relationship. But the ending to this story would be is that you need to get to know someone before…..

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