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Students Roll By

November 25, 2007
By Anonymous

I stand in a hallway, watching students roll by. I see the girls who laugh because they know that no one has ever seen them cry. I see the girls who bury themselves in books because they don't want to face a world where there is no Prince Charming. I see girls who wave pom-poms because they like the feeling of being the best. I see girls who dance in their bedrooms like a Swan Princess, but act as clumsy as they can, so no one will look at them twice. And then I see a girl, over by the trophies. She is smiling, but only because she knows she doesn't look like any of those girls. She looks like she doesn't have to hide, she doesn't have to pretend. She does whatever she wants. But she has a secret in her eyes. And I see what she does hide. She hides her life, because every time she looks back, all she sees is disappointment. Then I see one last thing. When I see that girl, I realize she is my reflection. So I turn away, because I just saw, that I am like those other girls. I have a secret. I live a lie. And now I see, that the lovely facade I wear every day, is just that. So I walk down the hall, passing cheerleaders, bookworms, goths, and an array of worlds, that somehow all match. Because all the faces that I see, have the exact smile as me.

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