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My Escape

November 30, 2007
By Anonymous

My Escape

I tend to drown out my perpetual boredom with music. It’s practically all I do. I come home from school everyday and drown out the thoughts that are raging through my mind like wind in a hurricane. All my insecurities seem to float away.
I just focus on the lyrics, they make me happy. They make me feel like I’m not alone in this maniacal world we live in. It fills my life with so much joy and makes my insides glow.
No one ever knows what goes on in my soul as I sit at my computer screen everyday staring at the computer screen, head phones on, feeling the music reach every part of my body. It helps me not to think about the struggles in my mind that I continue to face everyday. Who am I? Who will I be? What was I put in this world to do? Will I ever make a difference? None of these questions matter, they slide off my mind as I close my eyes and feel the beat pulsing through my veins. It is my way of expression. Music makes me want to laugh, cry, scream, and dance around all at once. It’s what I turn to for answers.
It’s what makes me smile when I feel like my whole world is falling apart right before my very eyes.
It gives me hope. It gives me reason. It helps define who I am.

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