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How the Alternate School Changed My Life

December 3, 2007
By Anonymous

How the Alternate School Changed My Life

When I first started high school, I was enrolled in the Gilbert School. Soon, I found it difficult to be serious and focus on my school work. The teachers did not show that they cared if I was doing well in school or not (besides a select few). There was so much drama and distractions, that I finally gave up. I was in school and was earning very few credits throughout all that time. I wanted to drop out; I thought I was going to be in high school forever! I had a friend named Brittney, who was going through most of the same difficulties as I was, and soon enrolled herself in alternate. She told me that the teachers were “cool” and the work was fairly easy, but you have to focus and actually try to do better. Then, the school came up with the “after school” program, and I knew it was right for me…

I dropped out of my old school and enrolled in the alternate school. The first day, I was already comfortable, joking and laughing with the teachers. They all seemed like they really were interested in me. They cared about me and made sure I was successful. After a few months, I was more comfortable in the school and was doing very well. I realized recently, that I’m getting closer to the teachers and I feel much better. I have learned from most of the teachers that if you want to get something, you have to go get it. Being in the Joy D. Rice program has changed my life in many ways. When I wanted to give up and drop out of school, I found something good. I started making goals for my future, and I’m planning to go to college in Rhode Island to be a probation officer and a massage therapist.

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