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Is The military for you?

December 4, 2007
By Anonymous

Is The military for you?

I used to think of the military of hard work ,persistence& loyalty.My perspective has change dramatically after the arrival of my 22 year old brother Julian McSwain. He just came home after doing nearly 4 years in the U.S. Navy.My father strongly urged him not to go because of of his knowlegde and experience in the Army. My brother recalls times of hardship. My father and he both do not reccomend anyone for the military."There was not one day of complaint" Julian says." I always thought those who went to the military were always happy, but the reality is 75 % (according to my resources) were upset about their contracts. Once you sign it you are there until it's done. My brother didnt even finish his supposed to be five years.He singed up for early dismissal papers. " I had to leave, before I went crazy". That comment was very serious to me considering he is a very strong-willed and stubborn type of person." Almost everyone smokes marijuana because they know , know matter what they do they would not be released. That's how bad they we are needed". He's even seen someone kill theirselves over being in the navy.I'm not trying to deter anyone from joining the military but I suggest you know what you are doing.

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