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Things that matter yo me.

January 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Things that matter yo me.

Alot of things matter tome in my life.But the top three things that im about to share is really important to me.My social life plus friends,family and school matters to me the most.

The first thing i mentioned above was my social life plus friends. That matters to me because that basically all abut me and what i like to do.Im not the boring type, my social life is really good.I only have real friends around me that why i love them so much.

The next thing that matters to me in my top three is my family.My family is rellay important to me.They are the ones who will allways be here for me, on rainy and sunny days.They support my every move.I know that they love me so much and i give the same love back.

Finally the last thing that matters to me on my top three is school. School is so important to me because it helps me think and learn.Its preparing me for the future.I plan to have a good job,a house,and a car.So that means i have to go to school to have all the good things in life.

In conclusion, all the things that matter to me is really common to what other people might say.But what im saying is coming from my heart.The things i mentioned should matter to everybody,because it explains your whole life.

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