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January 10, 2008
By Anonymous


Pets are just like humans in so many ways. Pets have feelings, emotions, personality, and most of all a heart. Pets can be ones best friend, companion and a loyal friend. No matter what the animal a pet is a pet. From a fish to a dog they’re yours forever.

Pets have personality and some are even as better a human’s personality! They can be funny, smart, dumb, or even mean. Pets can be funny when they run into the wall they see ten feet away or when they play with you at three in the morning or fall asleep in the strangest positions. Pets can be smart by knowing the time you get home and being at the door or knowing where the hidden bag of treats are in the kitchen. Pets can be dumb by not finding that toy they hid two seconds ago. Lastly pets can be mean unfortunately, being a grumpy animal and moping around the house too. Usually and hopefully that only a phase though! Everyone has their bad days.

Pets have many good qualities of themselves. Animals can sense an upset mood or a discomfort in the room. A loyal pet will come by your side not only on a cold night but a night you just need someone there. A pet knows you best if you think about it… they live with you and see you everyday in your environment. A pet knows things about yourself no one else does, maybe not even you! They observe situations just as humans would too.

Everyone once in their life older or younger should have the experience of a pet in their lives. A pet stays with you forever, their memory in your heart. Over time you become to trust one another and know this animal as though it is a person. Pets are a great responsibility for you too, they teach you independence, respect, and what hard work really is.

Pets are one of God best creations he’s made in this world. People should respect and love their pets. No one should go through life without one. Pets teach you so many things in life and are always there for you no matter what the situation. It’s the little things in life that make us happy, one being having the perfect pet for you.

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