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The Invisible War

February 18, 2008
By Anonymous

The Invisible War

Countless people have lost a raging war
A war with a dreadful cost, rotting the core
President, don’t be flattered, this isn’t your war
Nevertheless, souls are tattered, leaving their core.

The prize may not be seen, for warriors search blindly,
The victor is always clean, for they battle kindly.

This war plagues the mundane, while some succeed in the end
Others struggle in vain, denying love and friend.
The final maneuver obvious, the problem simple to mend,
The answer is not dubious, but may be difficult to comprehend.

The individual solutions vary, as do the stars in the sky
Hopefully the warrior becomes merry, as all are sure to die.

I have no battle wound, because I have found no longing yet,
My answer may not be found, but I am quite content.
I have no reason to sit and wallow, for I am without abjectedness
Alas, I know one day the path I will follow, on my hunt for absolute

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