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In a Minute

February 19, 2008
By Anonymous

In a Minute

Only too often do you hear people say that there is not enough time, that the days are too short and the years pass in the blink of an eye. They describe this passage like sand running between their brittle fingers, lost to the wind forever. It is true that time wasted can never be regained; yet is time you enjoy wasting truly wasted? And how much “time” do we all truly have in this life?

As a whole, we as people look to the future, always wondering what is going to happen next, or planning our next move based on something that just happened. We looked to the future. We look to the past. Do we ever really look right in front of us; take a good look at what is staring us in the face begging to be noticed? Perhaps if we all spent more time in the now, and focused more on what is going on right this moment, right now, we wouldn’t miss so much of what we say passes us by.

How long is a minute? Sixty seconds? 1/60 of an hour? A minute is respectably one of the longest periods of time ever to be observed. More happens in a minute than is recognized or understood. It is true that much more happens in a month, year, or even a day. But minutes build upon each other to create those days. With each passing minute February disappears and fades into March. Snow melts and the seasons blend. What was once frozen blooms under the rays of the sun into brilliant emerald greens painted across a lush forest.

The minute is ubiquitous. In each minute, all over the world, countless events take place simultaneously. Each a product of the last and a component of what comes next. All of the hellos and goodbyes swirl together into a period known as the present; what is happening now; what now may soon become, and what right now might someday mean to a person who doesn’t know just what he or she wants.

Within 60 seconds, a person’s life may change forever as he raises himself from the ashes and begins to climb the ladder to a brighter future. In 50 seconds a rebellious adolescent may come to terms with what has happened in his life, and he will realize the path he was meant to take; the path he now walks proudly; a silent road leading him to a place only he knows exists. In 30 seconds a life may be saved from the gaping jaws of death to be given another chance. Reborn on this earth to fulfill a purpose previously out of reach and impossible, yet not without that lasting shred of hope that maybe, just maybe, it could be done. A stunning last-minute effort by the under-dog to triumph over its overwhelming opponent may take place within 15 seconds, while in five a beloved friend will leave those he loved; people he spent many a summer night with gazing up at the stars, never to return. Their tears fall heavy upon the grave resting a silent hand on the headstone with empty etchings across the face. Still in no time at all, two people may fall in love having locked eyes from across the room. They will be completely absorbed in each others’ eyes, looking into their souls. In that moment they know something, completely and definitely, while they cannot hope to explain why. They are stuck to one another as fate would have it, their paths crossing like the stars. They are to be together forever, even beyond the black, empty divide that is death.

One minute. 60 seconds. Forever. All the time in the world. Time has never ceased nor began, simply extending on into the future while never truly leaving the past behind. Everyone has more than enough time. Time is eternal. What we do not have enough of is the will to see it, to understand what is available all around us and to act on it. It is not the fact that there is too little or too much time, but that we do not look for it in the right places. Live where the world is happening right now around you. Never forget the past, but refrain from wearing it as a ball and chain around your ankle. Prepare for the future, but don’t look so far ahead that you miss the beauty of now. Take time to yourself and relax. Reflect on the past, look toward the future, but live for the now, every last minute of it.

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