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Progress Report for: An Eleventh Grader

February 26, 2008
By Anonymous

Progress Report for: An Eleventh Grader

Trimester1 Average: 70.2
Trimester1 Grade: C-

Trimester1 Average: 81.2
Trimester1 Grade: B-

Trimester1 Average: 84.7
Trimester1 Grade: B

Trimester1 Average: 95.8
Trimester1 Grade: A

Trimester1 Average: 81.7
Trimester1 Grade: B-

This was my first interim report of the year. My junior year. I should’ve been thinking: Oh crap!, What am I going to do?, How could this happen?, I am so dead., but I didn’t. Instead, I asked…
Okay, what now?

A reasonable person would have seen that this was trouble. I am not a reasonable person. I began devising a masterful scheme that would get me out of the mess of bad grades. So I’ve been slacking off. Now I’m going to snap out of it. Right here. Right now. Seize the day. I sat deep in the middle of my consciousness, plotting the mechanics of my plan. Go back and do every thing you should’ve done. Start at the beginning of the school year. Organize your things. Now’s the time for action. . My energy built up as visions of success played before my mind. Read and take notes for all the Biology and Chemistry chapters. .Finish all of the labs. Redo all the Pre-Calc problems. Write a paper about how powerful passionate people can be. I even planned for the hurdles I’d trip over on my way to straight A’s. If you’ve lost something, ask Amy for a copy. Flora will help you with organization. If you need help ask. I even planned a daily itinerary for success. You can make time by getting up at four instead of five. Go to the library during lunch. Schedule: 2-3pm Pre-Calc, 3-4pm Englische*, 4-5pm Chem Time, 5-6pm Bio. 6-10pm catch up/free time. I kept planning, chiseling the last details of the great scheme just like Michelangelo did for the Pieta. I was the proud momma of a grand master plan that was nothing short of awesome.

I now understand that planning is one thing, and acting is a completely different story. I wake up at four in the morning, but check email instead of reading Campbell’s Biology: Sixth Edition. My itinerary would have worked great, if Student Government or tennis ceased to exist. Getting home at 5:30 pm means I start doing Pre-Calc at 6’ o’ clock. Five hours of rest was not part of the plan. Be it sleep deprivation, snack cravings, or Solitaire, something always seems to get me distracted. My easily lost motivation and a short attention span are at fault, if only growing conviction was as enticing as wishing for it. My grades flatline as Life continues to hurl dilemmas onto my shoulders, and my poor shoulders can only take so much. They are reaching their breaking point.
*The German word for English

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