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Blonde is a State of Mind

November 26, 2010
By Icy96 PLATINUM, Romeoville, Illinois
Icy96 PLATINUM, Romeoville, Illinois
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Horace Mann: “Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity.”

What is up with all these girls who dye their blonde? Why would they do it? Are they trying to accomplish something? Or just to look like Paris Hilton?
I'll tell you what: I was born blonde, and I've hated it since I was old enough to understand the meaning of the word "discrimination", because that's exactly what it is.
You might try to say I'm lucky for being naturally blonde. You would be dead wrong. There are so many problems that come with having blonde hair. First of all, we natural blondes burn in the suninstead of tanning, and when we laugh we turn pink within a few seconds. It's really hard to keep your cool when you blush at the tiniest thing. More importantly, however, blondes get discriminated against almost every day in some small way or another. Just because our hair is lighter than yours doesn't mean we're not as smart. If I ever say something stupid, I hear immediately "Oh, she's just a dumb blonde." I hate being patronized just for my hair color. My friends use it as a joke, and they tease me about it. "Your blonde is showing!"
Society pushes for pretty blonde girls, but treats them like toddlers, and the end result is that all of us natural blondes are dying our hair black. They want to joke around and say my blonde is showing? Fine, but the only time that'll be true anymore is when my roots grow out.

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