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January 17, 2011
By daplaya10 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
daplaya10 SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Love. A need or a want. Hours ago I watched every piece of love given from a mother to a son lost within moments. A death of a mother. The love shared between the two had been lost forever. The incoherence of the son was beyond belief as he watched a life sail from an earth to a heaven. Is love a need? Or is it a want? To be honest, I believe it is both. Every child wants to receive love from their mother, but none of them need it. Because when there is a loss, the love transfers from a mother to everyone else around you.

Charlie. My friend. My brother. One brother coming from the same ilk I come from. He needed his mother, and he wants his mother. He lost his mother. He now has a bond of brothers he’s never had before. This bond of brothers spent every moment caring for them the moment after it happened, spending the night with him and his whole family at a friend’s house. With his mom's love gone, the integral of the love had to have been filled with something, anything. Why not his best friends?

The mainstream media strives to make one believe a want is a need. They will advertise that you need to buy their product. There isn’t a person in the world that would need a crappy piece of furniture over the love of a mother.

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