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Women's Place in Society Must Change

January 26, 2011
By Shelly-T GOLD, Romeoville, Illinois
Shelly-T GOLD, Romeoville, Illinois
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As a female interested in science, I often feel that all people ever see about me is the fact that I am a minority. I always hate it when I tell someone that I am interested in physics and their only reply is, “That’s great, we need more women in science.” In the past, women’s role in the world was confined to the home. Until the last generation, there has not been much change in this stereotype. Now, the world is changing, but the older generations still will not let go of the past. It is a common belief that women are the “nurturers” and better at the arts and humanities, and men are the “fixers” who take home the money and own the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) careers. Some even go so far as to say that men’s minds are “better at solving problems.” But are these differences truly embedded in the particular gender’s mind, or are they acquired from being expected to become just another typical American?

Currently, women in science are on the rise as more and more girls enter the field, particularly in health care careers. And many girls find it appealing to approach a career in science, and are often just as or even more talented in mathematics than their male counterparts due to their overall meticulous nature. But what changes between this time and adulthood? Is it peer pressure, since so many of today’s adult women are stay-at-home mothers (or were for some time), or involved in a teaching, arts, or humanities career? Is it intimidation, because girls are expected to be mathematically and scientifically challenged? I even go so far as to say that women’s role in society is completely unfair. Women are looked upon as incompetent and dependent on men. In order to produce higher-achieving women, America must change.

Other countries that America looks upon inferior have taken the step, and they are advancing. But America remains a country that has not been in female hands. Men must loosen their grip on superiority. When will this country let go of its past prejudices? Behind the words “land of the free,” and the claims that all citizens are created equal, prejudice still happens. Something must change. The past is over; it is futile to try to resurrect it. The future is here, and the traditional American family has passed away. Women work. Women study. Women lead. Why can’t women be as involved in the country as men? Women must step up and fight for jobs, and not hide behind tradition to keep from the stresses of the world. Men and women are equals; each is expected to contribute the same standard to this country. America must let go of past prejudices. How long must we wait for America to become truly free? Free for all genders, for all races, for all ages, and for all ethnicities. Women must be given more respect in this society. Every person is the same inside, they cannot be treated differently just because of an uncontrollable factor. Judging others by the outside appearance is the source of war, strife, and pain. We must be one. All people, male and female, must be treated equal. Only then can we move forward.

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