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Rape Is Not A Joke

February 27, 2011
By darkmistress SILVER, Stanwood, Washington
darkmistress SILVER, Stanwood, Washington
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life is about the future not the past

Most think rape is not a big deal and will make jokes about it. what jokes could possibly be funny about someone being forced normally beaten or scared to death and having the joy of sex taken away and turned into something that makes them scarred for a big part of their life? Afraid to trust afraid someones going to hurt them again.If you take it lightly think about this one in six women are raped,and one in twenty two men are raped. places will talk about S.T.D's but not about rape? If it happens so much whats the point to avoid it i can admit i was a victim and i'm speaking out. rape is not something to make fun of its some thing to be taken serious so if you ever hear someone make a joke about rape think about it is being beat and forced funny?

The author's comments:
Take rape seriously it hurts a lot of people.

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