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Bad Things Happen to Good People

September 14, 2011
By SanonieRae BRONZE, Mascoutah, Illinois
SanonieRae BRONZE, Mascoutah, Illinois
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I've been thinking alot about the saying "Bad things happen to good people" and have finally understood it's full message. Many people think that this means that bad things happen to everyone. This is indeed true, however this is not the only lesson this saying teaches. Another lesson that is even more important than the first is that bad things happen to good people because they have passed the first few tests that have been given to them. Every problem we have in life is a test of our faith, our strength, and of our character. As time goes on, the more we succede the more difficult our tests will be. Those who strive to be better than the evils of this world will constantly be attacked because of it's selfishness. The evils in our world strive to keep us down so that we may never leave our sadness and continue to use things that keep our emptiness going. Evil uses things like money, sex, alcohol, or drugs to make us happy for a minute then make us feel worse afterwards. Evil uses hatred or jealous and greedy acts to hurt those around us, thus hurting ourselves. We do not face problems daily because we deserve it or that's the way life should be. We face these problems so that we can earn our happiness and give greater meaning to our lives. If you are hurting or facing or difficult times, know that it was given to you because you CAN rise above. The only people that don't rise above are those that chose to let the Evils of this world beat them down. If you choose to make your life happier and more successful by working for it, Eventually you will have it. DON'T give up! DON'T let yourself be beat down or run away away like a coward! We are only given as much as we can handle, simply to push us in the right direction. As long as we fight these things together, we are unstoppable. Now stop those feelings of sadness, anger, confusion, and self pity, join me and fight for what we know we deserve!

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